• M​ora​l Aspects of CCW when you’re not Allowed

Concealed AZ

Concealed AZ

Would you risk carrying a firearm concealed even if its against the rules?

Moral relativism, the idea that there is no universal set of moral principals. 

If this is the case, when it comes to legally carrying concealed in places (restaurants, storefronts, etc.) where firearms are not allowed, what would you do? 

It seems like we are in an age of abuse, or at least an age of constant attention being drawn towards abuse. From Uber drivers being attacked to in store robberies – a good guy with a gun has never been needed more.

Have you lost a job for concealed carrying or know someone who has? Or maybe gotten kicked out of a store or restaurant? If so, reach out to us about how the situation played out for a potential feature on our blog!

If you’ve experienced this, you know more than most how important it is that you go peacefully. Even though it may seem wrong in your eyes – it is that individuals right to make the rules of their establishment. Even if they cannot take any legal action, it is our duty to be the bigger person, don’t you think? 

Keep in mind that depending on your state, the sign may have little, heavy or no legal weight.

Here we have linked a resource where you can check to see which states have official “no guns allowed” signs.

Keep in mind, even if a proprietor can’t press charges or take legal action for you breaking their rules, they do have every right to ask you to leave. Best to be compliant.

The ultimate question being, is it truly better to follow the rules of the proprietor and possibly be in a life or death situation defenseless or break the rules in case you are confronted?

This may just be a question answered individually, but it leaves us wondering what is truly the morally appropriate action to take.

What would you do?

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