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Concealed AZ

Concealed AZ

Make sure you go through this CCW Checklist before making the decision to carry concealed...

Do you remember the day you decided you wanted to apply for a concealed carry permit? Who was involved in making the decision? Maybe family was involved or was it just the good ole’ “me myself & I” situation? It is important to have these conversations & think through choices as serious as acquiring this particular permit. 

Just because the Second Amendment provides the right to carry, doesn’t mean you should if you aren’t prepared for the task. You could be new to the firearms world and need to take a class or maybe you have been around them your entire life – either way, you still need to ask yourself the necessary questions. 

We have put together a short checklist for you to glance over, hopefully this helps you feel certain you are ready to carry concealed! 

If you are interested in taking a concealed carry course, our four-hour class will fulfill the requirements to apply for your Arizona Concealed Carry permit, and will cover many of the legal aspects that accompany this commitment. At the end of the class, you will have:

      • class completion certificate

      • two completed fingerprint cards

      • a completed Arizona Concealed Carry Weapon permit application

      • a pre-addressed mailing envelope to submit your paperwork.

Remember, Arizona has reciprocity with 37 other states which means you can use your permit in 36 other states, certainly worth the investment! Still have questions?

Message us or Tweet us, we are happy to help. 

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