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The four-hour class will fulfill the requirements to apply for your Arizona Concealed Carry permit, and will cover many of the legal aspects of carrying a concealed weapon in Arizona. At the end of the class, you will have your class completion certificate, two completed fingerprint cards, a completed Arizona Concealed Carry Weapon permit application and a pre-addressed mailing envelope to submit your paperwork.

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Get your AZ CCW Permit with Concealed AZ

Our four-hour Concealed Carry Permit Classes go over legal principles and general firearm safety. These classes are designed for those who want to learn the legal portion of carrying a firearm (concealed or openly) in Arizona, but do not have the time to set aside for the full eight-hour curriculum.

There is no shooting for this class.

This class will cover:

  • -Legal principles surrounding carrying a firearm in Arizona
  • -Firearms safety
  • -Interacting with law enforcment

We have a full refund for the price of the class if you aren’t satisfied! Class includes:

  • -Free fingerprint cards and fingerprinting during class
  • -Free mailing envelops and necessary paperwork
  • -Free 80+ page electronic legal guide and syllabus for students

At the conclusion of the class, the participant will have everything needed to apply to the State of Arizona for a CCW permit except for the postage and $60 fee charged by the State of Arizona for your application. You will not get your permit at the class, as the State of Arizona Dept of Public safety issues the permits. There are no hidden costs, and we include free fingerprint cards (not with a $15 hidden fee, like cheaper classes) and a free online 80-page CCW legal guide. There is also a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied! Don’t wait to book and miss out on the class!

The FBI has also recently announced that it will no longer process anymore NICS denials. You can avoid NICS problems by getting your Arizona CCW Permit, which is approved by the Brady Law as a substitute for NICS approvals.

Benefits of having your Concealed Carry Permit

  • -With a CCW permit, you can avoid going through NICS, and avoid being tracked by the Justice deptartment for exercising your Second Amendment rights.
  • -Arizona has reciprocity with 36 other states which means you can use your permit in 36 other states. These states include Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.
  • -You cannot enter an a bar or restaurant that serves liquor while armed without an Arizona State Issued concealed carry permit.
  • -With an Arizona CCW permit, you will not have to go through the standard delay of a background check while purchasing your firearm called a NICS Check.
  • -When interacting with law enforcement, the officer will know that you have taken training and that you have passed a thorough background check.
  • -With new federal laws, you will now be able to carry your concealed firearm in National Parks (subject to state laws in which the park resides).