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Ground travel with a firearm
Concealed AZ

Concealed AZ

Tips to traveling with your firearm & not breaking any rules.

When traveling with your firearm, there are various different things that need to be taken into account depending on how you plan to travel. First you need to verify the state firearm laws  as well as every stop in the process of traveling to your destination. When traveling by bus or train, try to book a direct drive because a missed connection may cause one to spend the night in a location that prohibits firearm possession and may lead to problems. 

Many states and localities have laws governing the transportation of firearms. Travelers must be aware of these laws and comply with legal requirements in each jurisdiction. There is no uniform state transportation procedure for firearms. If in doubt, a traveler should carry firearms unloaded, locked in a case, and stored in an area (such as a trunk or attached toolbox) where they are inaccessible from a vehicle’s passenger compartment and not visible from outside the vehicle. Any ammunition should be stored in a separate locked container. Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 44 s926A

We have broken down the specific guidelines for transporting your firearm on various ground transportation options below.

Personal vehicle

In most states, firearms may be transported legally if they are unloaded, cased, and locked in the automobile trunk or otherwise inaccessible to the driver or any passenger. The exceptions to this rule apply mainly to transportation of handguns and so-called “assault weapons.” The myriad and conflicting legal requirements for firearm transportation through the states make caution the key for travelers of which you must consult local law.



Amtrak accepts reservations of firearms and ammunition for carriage between Amtrak stations and on Amtrak trains within the United States that offer checked baggage service. Thruway Bus Services are not be included in this service. 


Their website clearly states no firearms of any kind are permitted on their busses. So, if you intend on traveling with any kind of firearm, steer clear from Greyhound.


Lyft has a strict “No Weapons” policy for all of its properties. This includes Lyft Hubs and service centers.

This “No Weapons” policy applies when you are doing business as a representative of Lyft, which includes times that you are driving for Lyft, as well as times that you are visiting a Lyft Hub.

This means that even in places where it is legal to carry a firearm, they insist that you do not carry a weapon on any Lyft property.



Uber prohibits riders and their guests, as well as driver and delivery partners, from carrying firearms of any kind while using the app, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

The only reason they would allow a firearm while using the app is if you are transporting your firearm in accordance with the Transportation Security Administration rules for transporting firearms and ammunition.

It is a challenging time to travel with a firearm, so make sure you are fully aware of the guidelines before planning your next trip. 

Safe travels! 🚝🚈🚎🚌🚙🚕🚛

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