• What Happens When the Police Show Up?

Concealed AZ

Concealed AZ

Blog II of our neutralizing someone in self defense series.

As concealed carry holders, we have a responsibility not only to uphold the second amendment but protect our families, friends and heed the call if the time comes. With the media covering these situations more often, we know now there are more individuals ready and prepared to protect their communities, not just those sworn in as service men and women.

As well known as these individuals may become, it is not an action any single one of them is proud to take. Not to mention the trauma brought on from the event and the aftermath. Fortunately, Arizona has clearly defined self-defense laws (also known as “stand your ground” laws) that are meant to protect those in danger, while giving them the legal opportunity to defend themselves from harm. 

When police in Arizona believe someone was acting out of self-defense, they may not charge that person with whatever crime was committed under the circumstances.

Whether you live in a “stand your ground” state or not, after you have neutralized the situation and the police are on the scene it is important that you understand what to expect from the first responders.

Dealing with the police after a situation like this can heighten the emotional experience you are already going through but it is going to happen & it is wise to understand how it would (should) play out and how you are expected to behave. But don’t worry, any officer should understand you wouldn’t be acting normally after – just follow these simple steps and make sure you are prepared if the day ever comes where you are in this awful situation.

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